Online report cards shorten process time and save paper

The days of Al-Hikmat Schools student report card “getting lost along the way” — or more likely ending up under the couch or torn up in a trash can by an anxious student — may be coming to a close. As it has in many other ways, technology is once again pushing back a time-honored […]

Keep Your Students Learning While Catch Fun

The following are what you can do on the school portal. 1. Online Exam/CBT Every registered teacher on the portal has the privilege to create online Exam/CBT for his/her subject for different classes. The exam can be used as self assessment test for the students. The exam can be times and assigned mark for immediate […]

What Makes Your Subject More Interesting

As a trained and experienced teacher, I discovered that students show more interest in subject that makes them feel among others, connecting them to social world. This is the fact that our students today belong to Z generation where technology and internet classed as the main features of the set. No students will listen nor […]